A Restored Higgins Beach Inn 

In 2017 Higgins Beach Inn underwent extensive renovations to improve the experience of all guests and visitors, while retaining its charm & grace cultivated by past owners. 

At Migis Hotel Group, we believe in fostering unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences characterized by spectacular natural settings, impeccable service and staff, comfortable accommodations, and fantastic on-site dining options. The following changes were made in accordance with this philosophy:

* All guestrooms now have private, modern bathrooms and feature a mix of two queen beds, a single queen, or a single king

* Air conditioning and heat has been installed throughout the property and in all guestrooms

* High-speed WiFi is available for use throughout the entire property

* On-site dining at Higgins Beach Inn has been refreshed with a re-envisioning of the menu and the atmosphere of the dining area: Shade: the eatery at Higgins Beach, is now open 7 days a week.


Now taking reservations...

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